Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Featured Website: Russian Military Trucks.com

Welcome to Russian Military Trucks.com

We are the best resource for Russian and former Warsaw Pact military vehicles in the West. You'll find lots of information on Zil 131, 135 & 157, Gaz 66, 67 & 69, Ural 375 & 4320, Uaz 469 & 452, Kraz 255, Tatra, Star, Praga and many more types of military vehicle, armoured and softskin. The Forum is a lively place to exchange information, get tips, ask questions and get answers. The Gallery has a vast array of images taken or collected by our members, useful for vehicle owners, historians, model makers and enthusiasts. The Downloads section has a range of documents including service and technical manuals for many types of military vehicles. Elswhere are links to dealers for vehicles and spares, and the online merchandise shop to get all your essential accessories.

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