Sunday, March 15, 2015

Berlin 1945 – Red Army

One of the soft-skinned vehicles that strengthened the Red Army — the GMC truck. Thanks to these trucks, by the end of 1943 the Soviets could organize its armored and motorized corps in a more modern and useful way than in the previous years. Before then each tank had to carry its own infantry unit of 6-8 soldiers because of a lack of trucks. Here a GMC truck wearing numerous white unit, road and air identification markings tows a ZIS-3 gun. This photo was taken in Berlin in April 1945.

This is a view of the final minutes of the war in the slaughter pen of Berlin. The T-34-85 at the left is marked with a white band around the turret (an Allied recognition sign) and is equipped with wire mesh skirts to protect the tank against Panzerfaust anti-tank weapons. One of them is affixed to the turret in front of the crew hatches. Note that the skirts that were attached to the frontal parts of the turret and superstructure were shot off. Note also the tactical numbers on the turret. One of them is small and painted above the white bar, while another larger one was painted at the same time and with the same paint as the bar. The existence of the unit markings just visible under the number "09" could be explained if the tank carries the markings of two units that used the tank within a few days.

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